Pinar Ozevlat

Since 2017, Pinar Ozevlat has been specialising in handcrafted fashion jewellery, creating eye-catching statement pieces that play with weaving and crochet techniques in a chic, contemporary way. 

Head-turning earrings, cuffs, necklaces and headbands ensure that she who wears Pinar Ozevlat never goes unnoticed. 

Each handcrafted piece is painstakingly made and bought alive at Ozevlat's atelier in London, where the designer is based. Ozevlat works with fine pearl cotton threads together with materials including glass beads, pearls, freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones, metals and Swarovski and Preciosa crystals to form intriguing patterns and textured shapes that are still light and easy-to-wear.

All of Pinar Ozevlat products are completely hand made and created to the highest quality of standards by real artisans, using organic and sustainable materials where possible. All designs are made to order or in small quantities, which reduces material waste whilst caring for the environment.

She attributes her finely-honed skills both to her studies at London College of Fashion, where she specialised in machine and hand embroidery and to her BA Hons in Women’s Knitwear from Ravensbourne College of Art and Design. Also, her Cypriot roots, the landscape of clear blue skies and exotic flowers and traditions, such as the ‘Yemeni’, handcrafted headscarf made of lightly woven cheesecloth featuring edges handcrafted by village women using needlework, crochet, shuttle and hairpin tools, are a constant source of inspiration.

“Handicrafts and traditional hand sewing and weaving techniques that have been handed down through many generations are still present there today. The ‘Yemeni’, whose motifs imitate nature, including bright, bold coloured flowers such as jasmines, daffodils, carnations, and hibiscus, are still made with silk threads, sequins and seed beads.” 

The Pinar Ozevlat collections are sustainable by keeping time-honoured skills alive and interpreting centuries old handicrafts in bold and beautiful ways.

Every stitch on every creation is crafted meticulously with attention to quality and detail for the wearer to enjoy for a lifetime.

Pieces are grouped in collections suitable for evening, beach, bridal or work and the everyday. Most designs retail for under £350.