About KÖWLI Shop

Established in 2020, KÖWLI Shop is a platform that celebrates the creativity of independent designers from around the world, bringing their unique visions to fashion and wearable art enthusiasts. Our mission is to serve as a bridge connecting these talented designers with individuals who appreciate individuality and seek products that tell a story.

The name KÖWLI, inspired by the rich tapestry of global culture, refers to a vibrant and nomadic lifestyle known for its colorful fashion and artistic expression. Just as each design created by a KÖWLI is a reflection of the weaver's personality and circumstances, every item featured on KÖWLI Shop embodies a distinct voice and narrative.

KÖWLI Shop is dedicated to curating timeless wearable art pieces that have a unique story to tell. We invite you to explore our platform and be part of this dialogue between designers and appreciators of craftsmanship, where each purchase supports and respects the creative spirit of these talented artists.

KÖWLI Shop is reshaping fashion and design by celebrating art, culture, and sustainability. We preserve timeless designs, empower global designers, and encourage mindful fashion choices. Our community of culture-conscious individuals amplifies each purchase's impact, while sustainability and creative collaborations drive our mission to redefine the fashion industry. KÖWLI Shop represents a movement that celebrates lasting artistry and heritage in a more conscious and inclusive way.

" KÖWLI brand is dedicated to curating timeless wearable arts with a unique story to tell."


About the Founder

KÖWLI Shop is a woman-founded and woman-led venture, born from the visionary spirit of Arezou Ossareh, an Iranian-Canadian residing in Toronto. Her journey from high school to the University of Toronto and later into the pharmaceutical industry reflects her dedication to academic and professional excellence. However, Arezou's heart has always belonged to the worlds of travel and fashion. Her globetrotting adventures are fueled by a desire to immerse herself in diverse cultures, traditions, and collectibles that authentically reflect their origins. It's in her exploration of art seamlessly intertwined with modern life that her love for fashion, art, culture, and collaboration took root.

Today, this vision has blossomed into KÖWLI Shop, a platform where independent talents and designers converge to craft wearable art and lifestyle pieces. Arezou's mission is clear: to introduce, support, and respect the designs of these remarkable artists. She's passionate about spotlighting creators, unveiling the narratives behind each product, and celebrating their intrinsic uniqueness.

At KÖWLI Shop, every piece is meticulously crafted to outlast fleeting trends, placing a premium on craftsmanship and individuality. Arezou's hope is that consumers will embrace the joy of investing in quality pieces that endure a lifetime, making conscious fashion choices while considering our environment.

Join us in this journey to appreciate the artistry, culture, and stories woven into every creation at KÖWLI Shop. We invite you to discover wearable art that transcends seasons, fosters connection, and makes a lasting impact.


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