About KÖWLI Shop

Established in 2020, KÖWLI is a platform that celebrates the creativity of independent designers from around the world, bringing their unique visions to fashion and wearable art enthusiasts. Our mission is to serve as a bridge connecting these talented designers with individuals who appreciate individuality and seek products that tell a story.

The name KÖWLI, is derived from Persian and refers to gypsies known for their nomadic and colorful lifestyle, fashion, and ornaments. The word "Kowli" is pronounced as [koli].

KÖWLI is dedicated to curating timeless wearable art pieces that have a unique story to tell. We invite you to explore our platform and be part of this dialogue between designers and appreciators of craftsmanship, where each purchase supports and respects the creative spirit of these talented artists.

KÖWLI Values and Goals:

  • Empowering Emerging & Independent Designers
  • Cultural Exchange and Awareness
  • Supporting Local Artistry
  • Sustainable Practices 
  • Community Engagement

Join us on this journey to appreciate the artistry, culture, and stories woven into every creation at KÖWLI. Explore wearable art that transcends seasons, fosters connection, and makes a lasting impact.

Start discovering amazing talents now.