Established in 2020, KÖWLI Shop is a platform that serves as a bridge between Middle Eastern designers and enthusiasts for fashion and wearable art. In the past few years, the Middle East has witnessed a growing wave of young designers who have created unique collections, making powerful statements inspired by the region’s rich, diverse culture. KÖWLI Shop takes a journey from the East to the West to showcase such unique fashion.
The name KÖWLI, taken from Persian, refers to gypsies who are known for their nomadic and colorful lifestyle, fashion and ornaments. KÖWLIs create handmade rugs, clothing and jewelry for their own use. Since each design is created from memory and influenced by the weaver’s personality and circumstances, each item is entirely unique, with a design that has a clear and distinctive voice. 
KÖWLI Shop is inspired by this lifestyle. It seeks to create a dialogue between independent Middle Eastern designers and those who appreciate individuality and seek products that tell a story.

" KÖWLI brand is dedicated to curating timeless wearable arts with a unique story to tell."


About the Founder

KÖWLI Shop was founded by Arezou Ossareh, an Iranian- Canadian based in Toronto. Arezou has always been fueled by her passion for travelling and fashion. While travelling to different destinations, she has always been keen to familiarize herself with the culture and collect locally designed items that authentically represent their origins. She has particularly been interested in the ancient Middle Eastern art, integrated with elements of modern life.
Today, her love for fashion, art, culture and collaboration has brought together what was once a vision into reality. Arezou’s journey has brought together many wearable pieces from Middle Eastern talents in Canada to connect them with those who are seeking products that tell a story. Arezou’s mission is to introduce, support and respect these artists’ designs through KÖWLI Shop.