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KOWLI is a platform for independent designers to share their timeless wearable art. Each piece expresses a story through its unique design.

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Move into the new season with key styles
Unisex Pieces
Explore our carefully curated selection of sunglasses chains designed to enhance your summer wardrobe.
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Limited Collection
Carry your summer dream inside our unique velvet classic clutch with Sermeh embroidery inspired by gardens and historical places of Shiraz.
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Scarves to keep you warm throughout the winter and to add style to your summer wardrobe
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Timeless Pieces
Wave Collection
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Discover unique women's designer clothes & and accessories from our curation of independent brands from all over the world
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Handmade Accessories
Designer earrings can make an outfit
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Limited Pieces
Find the right accessory and you'll finish every look on a high note
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Clutch Collection
Setipi designs & produces one of a kind handbags from reclaimed inner tubes of vehicles and bikes.
The designs of this nature-loving brand are inspired by the Iranian landmarks and monuments, such as the Bam Citadel.
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Our Story

At KOWLI Shop, we curate a collection of Unique, Limited and Timeless pieces inspired by diverse cultures from around the world, celebrating the richness of global heritage.

Our goal is to create a dialogue between YOU, who appreciate uniqueness,  and independent designers.

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