Nogol Jalali is the founder of NONO brand, and is best known for her glamorous, comfortable, spacious and lightweight bags, all handcrafted with fine Italian leather and metal details. Nogol’s passion for arts and design inspired her to attend the Master of Accessories Design program at Domus Academy, founded by Gianfranco Ferrè in Milan, Italy. After successfully completing her degree, she had the opportunity to work closely with Diego Dolcini, Moreschi, Daniela Puppa, Fabio Cammarata and Frankie Morello, through whom she learnt the practical foundations of the fashion industry.
In 2015, Nogol introduced her new line of Kilim bags with various designs and rich colours. Nogol proudly supports a network of predominantly female artisanal weavers, who work tirelessly to not only craft beautiful Kilims, but also to support their entire families through their difficult labour of love. NONO Kilim Line was inspired by the belief that supporting these enterprising women creates livelihoods while allowing centuries old traditions to flourish in the modern age.