A Journey from East to West

KÖWLI Shop is excited to announce the launch of an online platform for Middle Eastern designers to share their unique and timeless wearable arts with those who appreciate individuality and seek products that tell a story. 

KÖWLI Shop is founded on the belief that behind every local fashion, there is a story and that story is about people. Wearing these individual designer’s pieces empowers you to learn the story behind their designs, their inspiration, materials, production, and sales. This can connect you, the consumer, to the people, places, and ideas that give life to the products, granting you a voice and a valued opinion. 

KÖWLI Shop’s mission is to curate a collection of timeless wearable arts by introducing, supporting and respecting these individual Middle Eastern designers. 


“Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love.”


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All social media updates will be tagged #kowlishop. Let’s take this Journey together. 


Stay Safe, Stay Home, Stay Tuned!