PUMP Magazine

Another exciting news, Our editorial photos has been published in PUMP Magazine. KÖWLI has taken a journey from the East and has arrived to the West. It has brought with it the work of middle eastern designers to showcase their talent and story. Rugmaison Gallery is the best venue to portray our tale, among its own unique and antique carpets.

PUMP is an esteemed international fashion and beauty lifestyle publication circulating through countless major fashion capitals and communities around the world. PUMP proudly provides a place for all. We feature artists from all over the globe from all walks of life, and enjoy celebrating what makes us all so beautiful and different from one another.

Photographer: @kayvan_tahaei
Creative Director: @arezou_o
Model: @ashleydoe & @kimiaaa.se
Stylist: @gol.shaah, @azadeho
Fashion: @kowlishop
Stage Designer: @rugmaison